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I take the utmost care with my yarn and as an Indie dyer I take every step necessary to ensure my product is worthy of your purchase.


I steam dye my yarn for about an hour, let it cool naturally, then soak it for a few hours with a small amount of wool wash in warm water. (Stay away from eucalyptus wool wash as its known to leach dye) I then rinse the yarn making sure the water is clear.

However with all textiles and all yarn, sometimes colour can come out. It can be caused by the difference in the water pH or simply a different detergent, some detergents are not kind on dye.


When creating a piece that uses multiple colours  in the form of stripes, Fair Isle or Mosaic techniques, please test for bleeding before knitting the project.  I would suggest swatching, not just to get your gauge, but to also check for any potential bleeding.  This is particularly important if you are using a high contrast of dark and light yarn.  Quilters recommend this process and I highly recommend it as well. 


If you have any issues with colour bleeding from the yarn, please contact me so I can discuss how to solve the issue.

Deb-022 633 9374 or 03 942 5629


Washing and Blocking

I personally believe that handwashing your finished item is the best way to ensure that it will be beautiful for as long as possible, and will wear well. 


When you have finished your project, dunk it in a sink of lukewarm water, with your preferred wool wash, and leave it to saturate for a while.  Gently  remove it from the water and roll it up in a towel to squeeze out excess water.  Pin it out flat, on another towel, until completely dry.